Digital Strategy

A digital strategy is a comprehensive plan for improving and maximizing your online presence

The Universal Strategists

A digital strategy is a comprehensive plan for improving and maximising your online presence. The target audience, competition analysis, goals and key performance indicators, and the existing user path are all part of our plan. And once that’s done, we

  • Develop your brand
  • Create your buyer personas
  • Set S.M.A.R.T. goals for you
  • Decide on your digital marketing tactics
  • Decide on a budget for digital marketing
  • Plan out your plan
  • Begin your campaigns
  • Keep track of your progress

We bring a diverse set of expertise to the table when developing a Digital Marketing Strategy that is structured on three pillars.

Evaluation: Audits are done across all current digital marketing initiatives & opportunities are found.
Planning: Personalised plan based on your company, your competition, your industry, and your goals.
Laying the Foundations: Following that, we’ll construct and enhance your digital marketing foundation.

Digital Strategy

Maybe you are doing it wrong!

Everyday, more than 8.5 billion people search on Google

Are you sure you don’t want to use it as a platform to grow your business?

We’re Good Partner!

We understand that formulation and execution of your digital marketing tactics are critical for your success. That’s why companies partner with us, a full-service digital strategy firm that specializes in creating personalised, results-oriented Internet marketing plans.


In essence, the word refers to a strategy that uses digital activities to help a firm reach its objectives. A digital company plan may appear to be straightforward, but it is anything but, and its successful implementation necessitates skill and experience.

The marketing department, for example, would think of it in terms of web platforms like social media and email. Finance professionals, on the other hand, might consider online revenue tools, the cloud for IT professionals, data analytics for the operations team, and so on. Aligning all of these different divisions with both a digital and a general business plan is a difficult task, and it’s often the reason why a firm fails to fulfill or even surpass its goals.

Every business endeavor benefits from having a well-defined plan. While digital technologies have the potential to alter a company, it’s crucial to remember that they should be considered as enablers. Investing in every new technological fad isn’t the answer, and it’ll wind up doing more harm than good.

Creating a blueprint and a digital strategy template can assist in seeing the broad picture and pinpointing where digital options can be used to increase efficiency and effectiveness. This strategy can be used to cut waste, keep departments on track, track progress, and make adjustments as needed.

Adobe is one of the best examples of a corporation that has perfected its digital approach. In 2013, the company made the switch from physical software to the Creative Cloud, which is entirely online.

Even though it was a huge risk at the time, Adobe management realized they needed to make a significant adjustment to a business model that was no longer viable. Rather than raising rates year after year, the company resorted to the cloud to help a rising number of companies with digital transformation. Their decision paid off handsomely, and the company has continued to reap the benefits, with annual revenue reaching a new high of $12.87 billion in 2020.

We as Digital strategists make use of existing technologies to improve business performance through the creation of new products or improve on current processes to position the business for a better competitive advantage.

Our major focus lies in the use of technology geared towards changing business models and creating possibilities for a digital platform. We embed a transformation process that aids the implementation of technology to support the overall business goals.

We couldn’t be more pleased! Please contact us to introduce yourself and tell us about your idea. We’ll send you more information about our services, and if we’re a good match, we’ll start working on your project as soon as the contract is signed and the deposit is paid.

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Digital strategy is a difficult idea to grasp, and it’s often a changing goal. Dimension Viz has done an excellent job of making our job easier by developing a realistic and well-organized digital strategy that explains our objectives and the way to achieving them.

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