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Implementing multi-channel marketing techniques will enable your company to capitalize on the numerous available growth opportunities.

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People are becoming increasingly engrossed in a variety of technologies and media platforms on a daily basis. Consumer preference guides multichannel marketing, which is a combination of numerous promotional and sales channels. Reasons our Multi Creative Strategy Works:

Increasing Customer Engagement and Conversion Rates
Consumers like to interact with brands and businesses across several channels. With our strategy, you’ll experience increased interaction rates from targeted consumers if you strategize campaigns across many platforms and devices.

Prepare Before Your Competition
Every online firm must adapt to the realities of how connected, mobile consumers are interacting across channels. We combine display, mobile, social, and video marketing to boost their marketing ROI by up to 500 percent.

Increase Your Customer Base At A Lower Cost
For an optimized media plan, the best combination of many channels will give the greatest number of customers at the lowest cost per acquisition.

Establish A Long-Term Relationship With Your Customers
The better you know your customers and start reaching out to them on their chosen platforms, the less likely they are to consider your ads intrusive or, worse, irritating. Our emphasis is on combining cross-device tactics that create great brand experiences and foster long-term brand-consumer relationships.


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We understand that you need to recognize consumers and how they interact across platforms in order to effectively reach them with relevant information and meet your ROI targets. Our multi-channel strategy improves your company’s ability to contact target customers at all stages, on various devices, and through the channels they choose.


Multi-channel marketing is the technique of reaching out to customers through several channels. Because multi-channel marketing currently encompasses a wide range of media in various combinations, this definition is purposely broad. In a nutshell, it’s any sort of marketing that begins on one medium, such as television, and encourages viewers to continue on another, such as the internet.

The marketing department, for example, would think of it in terms of web platforms like social media and email. Finance professionals, on the other hand, might consider online revenue tools, the cloud for IT professionals, data analytics for the operations team, and so on. Aligning all of these different divisions with both a digital and a general business plan is a difficult task, and it’s often the reason why a firm fails to fulfill or even surpass its goals.

Consider the last time you sat in front of the television or browsed the internet on your computer. Were you completely engrossed in that show or that specific cat video, or were you also reading a magazine or checking Facebook on your phone? Multi-channel marketing nicely aligns with our modern media consumption habits because we’re used to having access to and using numerous forms of media at the same time. You have a much better chance of catching their attention and turning exposure to your commercials into actual sales if you actively engage consumers in several media channels at the same time.

Creating a blueprint and a digital strategy template can assist in seeing the broad picture and pinpointing where digital options can be used to increase efficiency and effectiveness. This strategy can be used to cut waste, keep departments on track, track progress, and make adjustments as needed.

Multi-channel marketing is extremely beneficial to your company’s branding and brand recognition. Encouraging readers to visit your website increases prospective customer involvement. People enjoy being engaged through multi-channel marketing as well; according to surveys, 72 percent of consumers favor an integrated marketing approach. Using an integrated approach to engage people will help your advertising stand out from competitors that use more basic methods.

You might not know how much multi-channel marketing you’re exposed to on a daily basis. Have you ever watched a TV show and seen the little personalized hashtags they have for the episode or a recent event? One of the most common forms of multi-channel marketing is combining television and the internet. What about a mailer, brochure, or catalog that includes a special code for a discount in their online store? This is also an integrated strategy, and it’s one of the most common ways to combine print and other media. Some companies even go so far as to create PURLs for their consumers that direct them to personalized websites.

We couldn’t be more pleased! Please contact us to introduce yourself and tell us about your idea. We’ll send you more information about our services, and if we’re a good match, we’ll start working on your project as soon as the contract is signed and the deposit is paid.

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We found Dimension Viz after struggling to see the ROI with a number of consultants and organizations. With a multi-layer multi-channel marketing campaign, the impact of their efforts began to appear in less than 90 days. We're upping our lead goals six months later, as traffic has surpassed our estimates. Business is booming with Dimension Viz.

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