Case Study

Neeta Shukla

Neeta Shukla is a certified dietician and alumina of Delhi University. Serving clients in a traditional way from home and delivering exceptional results at par with much professional weight loss institutes PAN India.
Serving clients in the states, Australia, U.K & India.


Social Media Management
Website Development

The Problem

Due to the traditional setup of the business in the 2000s, there was no online presence or engagement with clients.

Moreover, they are reaching out to their offline clients through online channels and creating depth in overall online engagement.


Neeta Shukla
Neeta Shukla

The Solution

After understanding the business setup and target segment sentiment. We first chose to create a presence online through a single-page website and did SEO along with SEO-infused content on the website.

To enhance engagement on Instagram and Facebook, we started social media marketing on these platforms with a USP that was unique to Neeta Shukla.


The Results

People started resonating with the brand organically, and their offline clients supported it and provided a lot of testimonials. Due to optimized GMB, SEO, and SMM, Neeta Shulka started getting 5–10 organic leads online on a weekly basis, and moreover, in a span of only 30 days.

Also, offline clients started connecting over social media, thereby improving overall user engagement.