Case Study

Satya Hair Transplant Clinic

Satya Hair & Skin Clinic is one of the leading hair restoration clinics based in the NCR. Havings has branches across Gurgaon and Delhi. It was founded in 2005 by Dr. Ruchi Gupta & Dr. Shaiil Gupta. Dr. Ruchi specializes in skin and Dr. Shaiil in hair restoration.


Social Media Marketing
Website Development
Facebook Ads

The Problem

Their organic flow of over 60-80 daily inbound leads was impacted due to heavy spamming, bugs, and broken links on their website.

They even had a decent presence on YouTube but were lacking in diverting that traffic to Instagram. Moreover, they are bringing online users to their website both organically and through paid ads.


Satya Hair Transplant Clinic
Satya Hair Transplant Clinic

The Solution

n addition to analyzing their website and social media channels, we also studied their target market. Neither the website content nor the images were optimized. We redesigned the website completely from top to bottom, which targeted the right market segment visually.

The brand’s outlook was changed, and color physiology was changed for better and faster recall.

In nutshell, we did SEO, Website overhauling, and ran paid ads on Facebook & google with landing page design.



The Results

They were able to retain a healthy lead flow of over 60-70 inbound leads from organic and paid activities, with a qualified rate of over 15%.

Website spamming was stopped. A unique brand identity was created.