Case Study


Founded in May 2021, V-Revive is a B2C retail company based out of Hamilton, New Zealand. They are the retailers of premium massage chairs and high-grade portable massage equipment with two retail store setups in Chartwell Mall, Hamilton, NZ.
With a product depth of five massage chairs and 10 portable massage equipment, they target clients from all over New Zealand.


Brand Collaterals
Performance Marketing
Website Development

The Problem

“V-REVIVE” was lacking in online traffic, reach, and sales from all available online channels. They were spending roughly 700 NZD every single month on performance marketing with one google ad which was resulting in Nil conversions. For product purchases, they were dependent on in-store sales majorly and wanted to scale their online sales through their website as well.


The Solution

We implemented SEO to boost their website’s visibility and ranking on search engines. Underperformance marketing, we structured the existing Google ad efficiently, optimized keywords along with content pruning simultaneously, and subsequently added a new ad for just 500 NZD, saving 200 NZD for the client.

“English Language Content” in New Zealand has to be in “simple and plain” words rather than complex and fancy. As per our research, we were able to gauge general public opinion and the level of proficiency in the local English language.

Hence, the overall off-page content had to be written in the same fashion to boost online traffic.

The Results

Through our primary keyword research, we got “massage chair NZ” and “Japanese massage chair NZ,”  and we were able to get them on SERP-1 (Search Engine Result Page). Website traffic increased substantially due to the off-page SEO activities, thus resulting in inquiries>leads>conversions.

We were able to get their sales up by 4.7% and their user interaction rate up by 0.83% in just 60 days.