Case Study

Wabi Sabi Styles Pvt. Ltd, INDIA

Wabi Sabi Styles is a premium ladies’ fashion brand operating both domestically and internationally. It is an established brand with a retail store in Mumbai and a majority of followers there.
Having its HQ in Noida for manufacturing and distribution with a total onshore team of 70-80 employees.


Facebook & Google Ads
Website Overhauling SEO
Creative Designs

The Problem

Despite their substantial online & offline presence. The Google & Facebook ads weren’t performing. The website had a lot of bugs and glitches & no clear landing page.

All this was contributing to the non-performing paid ads.


Wabi Sabi
Wabi Sabi

The Solution

After deeply analyzing the Google ad account, Facebook ad, website, and other social media platforms, we proposed to begin with the correction of broken pages, bugs, and other glitches on the website, followed by organic SEO.

Since it was an international e-commerce fashion brand, the local SEO was done in the respective countries.


The Results

After a brief cleaning of the website and dealing with bugs and glitches. We ran our Google ads and got our first sale within a month.